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Discover and read about our Co-Founders and Committee below...

Santhi Corcoran.

My hopes for this network are that we as a collective community of creative and skilled people can create a collaborative space where we develop projects that enhance the lives of others in Limerick. We as a network are committed to raising awareness of issues as advocates, providing the space for conversation and dialogue to learn from one another and to give back to the community that we reside in whilst celebrating and sharing our diverse cultures.

Santhi Corcoran is a Lecturer and Doctoral researcher at Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick, and a Further Education tutor with Limerick and Clare, Education and Training Board,  Ireland. She has worked extensively in several health and social care fields in both the United Kingdom and in Ireland. Her research is in the field of Psychology, Sociology, Education, Multicultural society, Intercultural Competence, and Diversity.  She has a professional and academic background in Healthcare, Public Health, Mental Health, Psychology, Management, Community Counselling, Conflict Resolution and Social Care.

Co-Founder and Co-Chair


“Community is an essential part of our ever day existence, no matter where we grew up or grow up, the community around us contribute positively to our formative years. Making a difference is what I strive for, giving back to the community is part of showing my appreciation and gratitude knowing it will make a difference”.

Ann Piercy works for GOSHH as a Personal Support/Project Worker. Her professional and academic background are in HIV, sexual health and refugee and asylum seekers (RSD). Ann has an Hon. Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy and currently pursuing studies in MSc Public Health in The School of Medicine, UL.

Ann Ndovi Piercy.



Our Commitee.

Committee members – 2022



Ann Piercy & Santhi Corcoran - Chairs

David Chisanga Smith - Secretary/ Administration

Deirdre Buckley - Treasurer

Ifeoma Ugwueru - Vice-Treasurer

Innocent Iroaganachi & Lylian Fotabong - Communications Lead Media & Press

Ahmed Hassan Mohammed - Community Resettlement Advisor

Agnes Phiri - Free Tuition Project Coordinator 

Website and Social Media development:

Anthony Carey and Michael Corcoran

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