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Image by Shalvi Raj

United Against Racism

United Against Racism

We were delighted to support the Integration Working
Group in this important event in Limerick. The Limerick
United Against Racism event that was an opportunity for
awareness raising and broad addressing of issues relating to
racism. It was well-supported by the former Mayor Daniel
Butler, local agencies, schools, and community groups. It
was widely posted on social media and our network
members participated in the planning, focus groups and the
launch event.

Photo Left: MMCN chair and co-founder Santhi Corcoran
with Limerick youth and former Mayor Daniel Butler.

Photo Right: Support of local councilors’ past and present:
Tomas Hannon, Councilor Elena Secas (MMCN network
member) and Councilor Conor Sheehan.

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