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Working Together


Scroll down to view our current members and find out what we're all about!


 Sandrine Ndahiro

Sandrine Uwase Ndahiro is an English PhD researcher in UL, activist and documentary film maker.

David Chisanga Smith

David Chisanga Smith is currently doing his masters in media studies in Mary Immaculate College. He is also a broadcaster and writer.

Deirdre Buckley

Deirdre Buckley is a financial advisor with significant experience in finance management.


Patricia Kieran

Patricia Kieran is a lecturer in Religious Education at Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick.


Ifeoma Ugwueru

Ifeoma Ugwueruis  a professional Social Care Worker with a reputable organisation with over eleven years of experience.


Elena Secas

Elena Secas is a local public representative and a past postgraduate student  in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies with First Class Honours from the University of Limerick in 2010.


Edel Foster

Edel Foster is working as Mary Immaculate College's Athena SWAN Project Manager since 2018.


 Oana Arogundade

Oana Arogundade works as a freelancer in the field of translations/interpretations. She is a feminist, passionate about parenting and professional development.  


Agnes Phiri

Agnes Phiri is a final year biomedical engineering student in the University of Limerick.


 Lylian Fotabong

Lylian Fotabong is an African journalist and multi-platform broadcaster. Special interests in media language, community journalism, diversity, equality and inclusion, education, religion, and spiritualism.


Innocent Iroaganachi

Innocent Iroaganachi is a student and published writer pertaining to internally displaced camps/persons, refugees, immigration, peace, and human right violations. 


Jinadu Funmi

Funmi Jinadu  is currently a blogger, tutor, and PhD student at the University of Limerick researching the representation of Africa in the western media. 


Finn Ó Murchú

Finn Ó Murchú is Head of School at MIC Thurles, a teacher preparation college for post-primary teachers. 


Jan O' Sullivan

Jan O’Sullivan is a retired public representative, city councillor, TD for Limerick  and Minister of State for Trade and Development and for Housing and Planning and Minister for Education and Skills in the 2011-2016 Government.


Anca Minescu

Anca Minescu joined the Department of Psychology, at UL on the 1st of January 2010. And has been an Assistant Dean for Internationalization in the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences since April 2016. 


Franz Amin

Franz Amin is teaching assistant at the University of Limerick and has teaching experiences in philosophy, politics and public administration from the University of Limerick and University of Malawi.

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