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Cycle two of the MMCN Free Tuition Project well underway!

Cycle two of the MMCN Free Tuition Project is now well underway, with the first

classes having started at the end of April. We are delighted to have welcomed

almost 30 students from Junior Cert, Leaving Cert and LCA to the program this

cycle. The students are enrolled on a variety of classes including Maths, Irish,

Biology, Business Studies, Geography and Chemistry. We provide these subjects at

Leaving Cert (Higher and Ordinary) and Junior Cert level (depending on what the

students have asked for). We currently have 9 classes running throughout the week

with some students enrolling in two or three classes!

We are very proud of this project and the dedication of all the people who came

together to make it work. We are so very grateful for all our amazing tutors who

volunteer their time to prepare and deliver the classes. We have 16 dedicated and

passionate trainee teachers from MIC Thurles who deliver the classes every week in

pairs. We also have professional tutors who give up their time to volunteer and

Premier Tuition have also been kind enough to provide some free places on some of

their courses. We have other volunteers providing student support and an amazing

admin and research team.

The MMCN Free Tuition Project was created because we believe that ALL students

deserve the opportunity to reach their potential and achieve their goals. We hope to

create a more level playing field for Leaving Cert students by providing free tuition to

students from migrant or minority group who may not be able to access extra tuition

to prepare for state exams. We know that our students are skilled, hardworking, and

intelligent and their voices and ideas are crucial to the development and prosperity of

our local communities and country.

With a month to the Leaving Cert Exams our 6 th years are hard at work and we wish

them the very best in their exams! We look forward to welcoming our Junior Cert and

5th year students back in October, as well as plenty of new student too!

The MMCN Tuition Project is a collaborative project by the MMCN, MIC Thurles,

Premier Tuition, Doras LuimnÍ and Limerick Youth Reach. If you are a student from

a migrant or minority community background (including Refugees, Asylum Seekers

or members of the Travelling or Roma Community) and would like to enrol on Cycle

Three of the Free Tuition Project in October 2021- keep an eye on this page over the

summer for more information!

About the author;

Susan Quain currently works as an Assistant Psychologist for a HSE Child and Family Psychology Service. She began her career in education spending 5 years teaching EAL (English as an Additional Language) in Dublin and China. She then qualified as a primary teacher and spent 11 years teaching at both primary and secondary level in a large special school where she also held the position of DLP (Child Protection Officer) for 5 years. Her

experiences working with vulnerable Children and families led her to change direction and pursue a career in Psychology. Susan in the lead co-ordinator of the MMCN Free Tuition Project.

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